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Extra free childcare hours…

Positively received for all those parents with pre-schoolers. We truly can relate to how difficult it can be for many. In London my childcare bill was twice my mortgage and hurt! With recent highlights about plans in 2016 to bring in 30 hours of free pre-school childcare for three and four year olds and the additional news earlier this month that they want to fast track this...what a difference both in choice and financial this will make for many parents returning to work.

In the government's manifesto, 600,000 new places have been formed who equates to at least an additional £5000 for many families. Childcare has been extortionate in key areas for a long time often being the largest financial commitment for most families and commonly being prohibitive with weighing up salaries versus costs.This will relieve a lot of pressure for many allowing more freedom and money to reinvest in other core things that will benefit the family unit.

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