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The demise of the Saturday job

I always remember my first job. Aged 14, 7am start.. Making cheese and pickle rolls for vending machines and filling donuts from the jam machine for my local Bakers. I did this until I left school, looking forward to the weekly receipt of my small brown envelope filled with notes and coins from my hard earned endeavours. Oh the independence that brought!

Since the late 90's there has a sharp decline of almost 50% on youngsters holding down a Saturday role. These have been identified as three core reasons. First It is costing a young individual more for their education so they have put learning against earning as a priority, Secondly In recent years there are now less traditional Saturday jobs due to the fluidness of the working week and finally the jobs that are available are fiercely contended for and employers tend to lean towards more experienced candidates. Such a shame to see as that simple Saturday job has given many those practical skills within the workplace.

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